Hi, I’m Ronnal Pasquel, wedding photographer in Ecuador. Naturalness is not to make less weird poses, but to not pose. My secret is to relax the couple so much that they get the best out of themselves and forget about the camera. Neither do I need Photoshop, nor flashes, nor assistants, nor scandalous teams, and I do not understand why the photographer should be ill dressed, nor bothering in the midst of the most important moments like rings, dancing or votes.

I deliver the wedding the same week of the wedding and there is no moment to escape, as you can see here, where I show complete weddings without fear of hiding anything.

Less than a thousand photos of a wedding means either that many moments have not been captured or that they have been erased. Many things will happen at your wedding; not shoot in those moments or erase them later in a desire for perfectionism that excludes the couple is something unfair to me.

I could not do that with those I love, nor do I want it for me, so I do not do it with others. What you will see in my photos is not only chance, I advise the couple in everything, light, lighting, schedules and many practical tips to save you a lot of money and make your wedding unique and personal.


Villavieja Fialo La Lomita Abanik

Contáctenos a: Cel. 0992902529 Telf. 2453 673 – E-Mail: fotos@ronnalpasquel.com
Dirección: Villalengua y Calle H Urb. Granda Centeno

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